- To qualify for the 5% discount when spending £200 or over on movements in any given week, all movements must be carried out in the same working week (Monday to Saturday). When a vehicle is collected on Friday and delivered on the following Monday, the movement price can be added to the total of either the 1st week or the 2nd weeks movements, but not both. The £200 must be accumulated in movement fees alone (ie. excluding fuel costs).

- To qualify for the 10% ‘key for key’ discount the customer must provide a vehicle collection from the same address another vehicle is being delivered to. The delivery and collection movements must both have been ordered from the same customer. The collection vehicle must be ready to pick up on the drivers arrival. If the driver is made to wait over an hour the discount may not apply. The discount is 10% off the total value of the 2 combined movements (excluding fuel costs).

- Only one of the above discounts can be applied at any one time. In cases where the customer qualifies for both discounts the discount that saves the customer the most money will be subtracted from the price (usually the 10% key for key discount).

- We will invoice the customer after the movement has been completed. If any fuel has been purchased on route we will include fuel receipts with the invoice. We also expect the customer to pay for any oil/brake fluid/toll/congestion charge but only if the purchase was unavoidable. Both cheque and BACS payments will be accepted. Payments must be made within 30 days of the customer receiving the invoice.

- Our drivers are extremely diligent with their vehicle inspections. Occasionally however drivers may miss damage due to heavy rain, bad light etc. If any of these conditions exist on collection, the driver will tick the appropriate check box on the movement report.

- NVM cannot be held responsible for incidents - beyond our control - occurring during vehicle transit for instance; oil/water leak, chipped windscreen, etc.

- It is not NVM’s responsibility to provide breakdown cover. In the event of vehicles breaking down in transit, our driver will wait with the vehicle until breakdown cover arrives. There will be no refunds for vehicle breakdowns, unless it is agreed that the NVM driver was responsible, and the full fee (from collection address to the intended delivery address) will still be owed.

- If any other damage occurs to the vehicle whilst in our possession - and it is agreed that it is due to our drivers’ actions - NVM’s insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs. NVM will also cover the cost of any hire vehicle required whilst awaiting either completion of repairs or delivery of a replacement vehicle, due to damage caused to a vehicle whilst in NVM’s possession.

- If our drivers arrive at their collection/delivery point and are made to wait more than 1 hour we will begin to charge “waiting time” at the rate of £15 per hour.

- All vehicles must be road worthy and carry a full MOT certificate for the agreed duration of transportation.

- NVM require 24 hours notice to cancel a movement. The customer will still be billed for the movement if it is cancelled within 24 hours of the collection date. This is due to the fact the drivers routes are planned a day in advance.

- If a driver arrives at the collection address and the vehicle is not there or is not in a fit condition to be driven, there will be no refund entitlement, as the driver will have already expended time and money in the process of travelling to the collection address.

- When a collection/delivery time is agreed we will do our utmost to adhere to it. In the extremely unlikely case that our drivers cannot make the agreed date/time, NVM will try arrange an alternative via the phone. If an alternative date/time cannot be agreed and it is not possible for us to carry out the movement, a full refund will be due.

Thank you for taking time to read these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07870524899 or email us at info@n-v-m.co.uk

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